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Energy from biomass


About us

Company Flamma systems D.O.O. produces industrial biomass heating plants by turnkey principle. In addition to standard boilers of 500kW, 1000kW, 1500kW, 2000kW, 3500kW, 4000kW, we can custom design and make a complete plant or spare parts for already existing plants, all in accordance with the customer requirements.

We produce oil and natural gas steam boilers, as well as biomass steam boiler plants for the production of industrial steam of a pressure up to 12 bar.

Our plants are characterized by quality, durability, efficiency and a high degree of utilization. Boilers are made with vertical or horizontal fire tubes.

Utmost attention is paid to investing in human resources. As a socially responsible company, Flamma Systems pays great attention to environmental protection issues

Meet our team

Highly qualified experts with a clear vision

Boban Nikolić
Boban NikolićR&D
Ninoslav Petrović
Ninoslav PetrovićExecutive Director
Predrag Petrović
Predrag PetrovićDirector


  • To predict and fulfill the wishes and needs of our potential customers and accordingly offer them a diverse portfolio of quality and reliable products.
  • To be a desirable employer who motivates its employees to accomplish the best results.
  • To be an excellent partner to its customers, suppliers and all other business associates.
  • To be responsible for the environment and the community


  • The vision of Flamma Systems is to build a stable position on the market of industrial heating plants, with a realmarket share on a stable basis.
  • We permanently expand the range of products in accordance with the market needs and introduce new technologies all with the aim of increasing quality.
  • We strive to establish European standards in business.
  • Our intention is to expand our operations both in the region and in the European Union market.

Quality and environmental protection policy

  • Quality and environmental policy constitute integral parts of our business policy.
  • Our products fully meet the requirements, regulations, andstandards, but also the expectations of our customers.
  • Improving quality is the task and responsibility of the managers of all levels and each and every employee.
  • The teamworkof managers ensures impeccable unfolding of horizontal business processes.
  • Establishing partnerships with suppliers is a permanent development orientation of the organization.
  • Implementing this policy and achieving new organizational culture and competence is supported by appropriate education, training and motivation programs for all employees.
  • Quality system review by the management takes place with the aim of achieving continual improvements and implementing the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept with the ultimate goal of business excellence.

Implemented projects